Just received a message from Ken disappointed that his Brownie Mac  has few nuts.

First, THANK YOU Ken for taking the time to write us about your disappointment.  We know writing such a message takes time.  It would have been far easier to say nothing, or just stop buying, or perhaps comment to others on your disfavor.  Thank you for speaking to us.

Next, Brownie Mac  is a new product.  Our intention was quality macadamia halves and large dice pieces with chunks of chocolate on a sheet of brownie bakers brittle.  Unintentional was premium pieces chipping off Brownie Mac  when cracked. We learned just normal handling can cause the large nuts to fall to the bottom of the bag. Our fix is to replace the large macadamia pieces with small dice and fine pieces. The smaller dice remain on Brownie Mac  much better than halves and large dice. 

We will be changing the photo on our packaging to accurately depict small dice and fine macadamia nut.

Folks, we value your comments.  Listening to your insights help us discover improvements and help us to better serve you.