It's 5am at the bakery and the headline news is that "Eddie May Go". 

It's curious to see surfers, young and old, get so excited just to have a "chance" to surf the Eddie.  It's amazing to see the massive crowds camp out the night before to walk a mile or more to stake a small patch of sand just for the "chance" to see if it's humanly possible to surf Waimea's 50+ foot bone crushing mountains.  The Eddie has to be one of the few contests where the prize is the "chance" to survive. Whether surfer, broadcaster or spectator, I don't think I heard one person speak of a trophy or medal. To be at the Eddie must be more spiritual than competition.

I wish I could go.  But it would be hard for me to enjoy the experience knowing how busy we are at the bakery.  Oh well, the "Eddie" is on my bucket list.  If Eddie Would Go - me too (to watch).