I always see huge bags of Island Lava Baker's Brittle whenever I go to the warehouse club stores, and when I saw a friend had posted that she bought bags and bags of them for gifts to people on the mainland, I was eager to try them myself! 

I was fortunate to receive samples of Island Lava's four different flavors, all of which are baked right here in Hawaii: Brownie Mac, Coconut Tree, Java Lava, and Passion Fruit.

My kids and I tried each flavor, and we all had our own favorites. My fave was the Coconut Tree. The coconut flavor was very prevalent, as it's made with toasted coconut, coconut milk, and coconut cream.  If you love coconut, you'll love the Coconut Tree!
Coconut Tree
My kids loved the Brownie Mac.  With chunks of chocolate and macadamia nuts, it was a crowd-pleaser!
Brownie Mac
The Passion Fruit was very yummy, full of bits of mango, papaya, and guava. 
Passion Fruit
If you are a coffee-drinker, you'll enjoy Java Lava.  I don't drink coffee, so the Java Lava - crystallized dark bold coffee, toffee macadamia, coconut, almonds, and pecans, was my least favorite brittle of them all.  However, if you are a coffee-drinker, you'll enjoy Java Lava!  

Java Lava

I love that local ingredients (fruits, macadamia nuts, and even chocolate), are used, and that the thin, cookie-like treats are great straight out of the bag, or can be used in recipes (stay tuned for a cheesecake recipe that incorporated Island Lava!).
For more information on Island Lava, click here.