The Best of Both Worlds

From the fiery molten depths of Kilauea to the cool invigorating surf of Diamond Head, Hawaii is home to a range of microclimates—and ingredients—found nowhere else. And nowhere is this captured so perfectly than in our Bakers Brittle.

It starts with ingredients native to our Hawaii—real passion fruit, mango, guava, papaya, and macadamia—and finding new ways to let these natural ingredients shine. Crispy like a chip yet sweet and crumbly like a cookie, our Baker’s Brittle truly is the best of both worlds.


Brownie Mac Baker’s Brittle

Everyone wants a piece of the brownie corner. Why not develop a snack that celebrates this crispy, delectable favorite?

Brownie Mac is just that—our tribute to the brownie corner, with an island twist. Real Kokoleka Hawaiian chocolate batter baked thin, light, and crispy, then sprinkled with chunks of more chocolate and bits of crunchy macadamia.

Break it, share it (or don’t), eat it straight out of the bag. Dip it in your coffee. Use it as an ice cream topping. With the salty crispiness of a chip and the sweet crunchiness of a cookie, the possibilities are endless.


Coconut Tree Baker’s Brittle

Imagine cruisin’ on a hammock—sand in your slippers, cool trades in your hair, under the shade of your favorite coconut tree. We wanted to capture that little slice of island life in a Baker’s Brittle—and Coconut Tree was born.

Now imagine creamy coconut complemented with notes of salty, sweet, buttery toffee and layered three ways to bring out its complex flavor profiles: finely ground coconut hydrated in coconut milk, whisked into a luscious coconut cream batter, and finished with toasted coconuts and pecans.

Thin, crunchy, zesty—everything you’d want from an island treat, including the Tree.



Java Lava Baker’s Brittle

Nothing quite like the smell of Kona coffee in the morning—that complex, heavenly aroma waking you with the promise of a new day.

Every time you open a bag of Java Lava, we wanted it to be just as magical.

Because there is something magical about 100% Arabica coffee crystallized and tossed with toffee macadamia, folded into our signature brittle batter, and then caramelized to bring out the combination of nutty, bold, slightly smoky sweet flavors of the perfect cup of coffee.

A generous sprinkle of toasted coconut, crushed almonds, and roasted pecans temper the sweetness and add extra crunch—for a thin, light, crispy treat you can enjoy any time of day.


Passion Fruit Baker’s Brittle

Few memories are quite as special as those of Mom’s baking: the glorious, aroma of sugar and butter filling the house, anticipation from the sound of the oven timer, victory in sneaking a hot one fresh out of the oven (aside from burning your tongue!).

For me, memories of Mom’s island biscotti take me back to a simpler time, when things were done the honest way—a few quality ingredients baked from scratch and, most importantly, made with love. This was the inspiration for our Passion Fruit Baker’s Brittle.

Using real ingredients native to our Hawaii, Passion Fruit captures the spirit of Mom’s original with a few tweaks—our passion fruit batter baked thin not once, but twice, to ensure the perfect golden brown delicious, tossed with chewy morsels of real mango, guava, and papaya, then finished with crunchy macadamias.

Light, crispy, slightly tart—you’ll see why it holds a special place in my heart.