Island Lava Fundraising

Don’t just step “Out of the box”- CRUSH IT!

Taste an Eruption

Are you looking for that different, “One Of A Kind” item that’s NOT a Cookie, NOT a Candy and NOT a Cracker? Light, thin & delicately crunchy, Island Lava is your healthy new alternative to help your fund raiser stand out and be different.

Our program is Simple and Profitable. Simple purchase at $2.50 per bag. Profitable sell at $5.00 per bag.

Expand your fund raiser further via social media and the internet! When buyers use your Island Lava Coupon to make purchases they receive 10% discount AND you receive 10% from all purchases made on the Island Lava website. Spread the Lava!

Hand-Cracked and Hand-Pack, each piece is unique - no two are like. Your group is unique and no two people are alike. Your group and Island Lava could be a “lava match” made in Hawaii.

Profit & Cost Breakdown

Bags Bought
Cost Per BagSelling PriceYour Profit $Your Profit %
600 (min)$2.50$5.00$1500+50%

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To submit your organization for approval, just fill out the PDF form and email it to Once we review it, an invoice for your order will be sent out and we will ship your product once payment is processed.