Bakers Brittle Brownie Mac

Brownie Mac

At our house we fight over who gets the drips, spills and drizzles on the edges of the brownie pans. Frowns turn upside down when we make more of brownie corners and trimmings. Brownie Mac - thin, light, crunchy brownie baker’s brittle dotted with macadamia and chocolate chips. Better than cookie. Better than cracker. It’s LAVALISCIOUS!!

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Bakers Brittle Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree

Fine grind toasted coconut wetted in coconut milk, smoothed with coconut cream and speckled with (you guessed it) more coconut (and, oh yeah, toasted pecans for a little color). We want you to feel like a few pieces sprinkled on the beach will grow your own Coconut Tree. Better than cookie. Better than cracker. It’s LAVA LAVALISCIOUS!!

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Bakers Brittle Java Lava

Java Lava

Perched on the edge of Kilauea Crater, ready to journey into the misty morning, there is nothing better than a piping hot cup of Kona Coffee. What a perfect inspiration for Java Lava. We crystalize dark bold coffee, shatter it, then hand toss in toffee macadamia - caramelize into thin, light, sweet-n-crunchy Java Lava bakers brittle. We top with toasted coconut, toasted almonds and roasted pecans. Better than cookie. Better than cracker. It’s LAVALISCIOUS!!

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Bakers Brittle Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

My favorite creation is our Island Biscotti, a fluffy passion fruit and guava loaf sprinkled with pineapple, mango, papaya and macadamia, then baked twice. The best parts are the crispy crusts covered with chewy island fruits. I used to share them at the beach with my crew. These crunchy munchies drew “The Fenceline” crowd faster than “3 to 5” waves rising on a soft trade wind.

This was my inspiration creating Island Lava. Light - thin and tasty. Exotic passion fruit brittles loaded with natural fruits and nuts - made from scratch – makes you crave for more. Insatiably GREAT! Like a great surf spot, once you try our Island Lava, you’ll know why it’s best to keep this Hawaiian treasure hidden.

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Bakers Brittle Assorted Flavors

Assorted Flavors

All your favorites in one assortment:

Four 4oz Bags Passion Fruit, Four 4oz Bag Coconut Tree, Four 4oz Bag Brownie Mac, Four 4oz Bags Java Lava

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