Mom’s Best

Mom always kept the house well-stocked with treats. And I know everyone thinks their mom makes the best sweets, but—my mom makes THE BEST sweets.

My favorite has always been her island biscotti, a fluffy passion fruit loaf sprinkled with pineapple and baked to perfection. One day after making a batch of island biscotti, I took the trimmings down to my friends at the beach and everyone started fighting over the crispy edges and corners—and rightly so!—the sugars perfectly caramelized to bring out a depth of sweetness and flavor had us scraping up every last crumb we could get our hands on.

I remember thinking, “I wish it all tasted like that!” And the idea for Island Lava was born.

As a company, “The Best is our mark to do Better” and our commitment is simple: to develop the optimal growth conditions for harvesting the best ingredients for the highest quality product.

To us, that means working with local farmers, testing soil nutrition, aquifer levels, and crop rotations to harvest fruits and nuts at the peak of freshness; then at the bakeshop, experimenting with caramelization, oxidation, and ingredient profiles to innovate flavors like Brownie Mac, Coconut Tree, Passion Fruit, and Java Lava.

We’ve come a long way. Not without a few bumps in the road, but never forgetting to strive for the best—a Baker’s Brittle worthy of the title “Mom’s Best.”


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